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We are in the business of Freedom!

Omrita's* Story

Before I started at Freeset I had many problems. Sometimes I didn't eat. I worried about my baby's future and her study. More...

Shruti's* story

I can't tell you how old I am I don't know. Before I started work at Freeset, life was very tough. Day after day I would stand in line. On the days when customers didn't come, I didn't eat. More...

Ashoka's* story

I make bags, but I'm not very good at making the finished bag. I sew the sides of bags and I also supervise tea breaks. More...

Piyali's* story

When my husband left me, I went back to live with my mother at the time my son was 9 months old. Mum said I needed to get some work and she spoke with a friend who then took me to Freeset. More...


Debi's* story

My mother's life as a sex worker was very hard, but she did it for us (my brother and I). There were customers in our room all the time which was hard. Because of this, it was difficult to study when I was young. I had to stay outside and play in the street with friends. It was really hard. More...


Chitta's* story

My husband died 10 years ago. I was trying to provide for my children. I worked for an NGO for 7 years without being paid. Mina said, "Freeset is starting and it is different" so I came to work at Freeset. At that time I didn't have anything. I didn't have power or a meter, and no fan. More...

* All names have been changed. 

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